ParentPay is an online application which allows parents to make secure online payments by credit or debit card at any time of the day or night. Those parents preferring to continue paying cash can do so by making use of the PayPoint network. Parents choosing to make regular payments at a PayPoint store will be issued with a PayPoint card.

Currently ParentPay can only be used to make payments towards school dinners, although we are hoping to use ParentPay for all payments that would normally be taken in school making all of our school offices cashless.

Click here to go to the ParentPay website.

New to ParentPay

What is an activation code?

An activation code and password is used to activate your account and will only be used once. Activating your account will allow you to create your own unique username and password which you will use to login in the future.

What makes a good password?

Passwords should be memorable to you, but difficult for anyone else to guess. You should never write your password down.

Your password should be at least 6 characters long, and include both letters and numbers. Using a mixture of upper and lower case letters, numbers (123) and punctuation (?!%) will make a strong password.

Problems logging in

I cannot remember my login details how do I reset my password?

If you are unable to access ParentPay you can have your details emailed to your registered email address by selecting the Username reminder/Password reset link which you find on the ParentPay homepage.

My Account

I have more than one child at the school how do I merge my children's accounts?

Log into ParentPay as normal using the login details of one of your children and go to My Profile. On the second row of tabs you will see “Merge my logins”. You will need to enter the logins details of your other child(ren) and all the accounts will merge. You will also have the option to make payments for all of your children at the same time via the Payment page.

My child has left the school

When your child leaves the school the account will be archived and you will not be able to access the account. If the account is in credit contact the school and the office staff will either refund the credit to you or transfer the credit onto a sibling account.

Making a payment

How do I pay for an item on ParentPay?

Log into your ParentPay account and click on the “My Payment Items” tab. All of the services assigned to your child will be listed. Select the service that you wish to pay for and click Continue.

Will I get a receipt using ParentPay?

Once you have made a successful payment, receipt information will be shown on your computer screen which you can print off. A copy of this receipt will also be emailed to the email address used to register with ParentPay.

How do I pay for a service via PayPoint?

If you cannot make payments online the school will be able to produce a letter for you which will have a barcode at the bottom. Take this letter into any shop showing the PayPoint logo and all payments made will be credited to your child’s ParentPay account (though the payment will take up to 36 hours to be shown on your child’s account). If you wish to make regular payments using PayPoint the school will order a PayPoint card for you.

How do I find my nearest PayPoint store?

You can search for your nearest PayPoint store by clicking on the following link:

PayPoint Locator

If you have any further queries contact your school office or check the Parents FAQs section on the ParentPay website.

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