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Building of Kingswood (now Kingswood Upper Site) commenced in 1878 by G. Ward of Dulwich. At this time, the school was designed to accommodate 600 children. The school opened on 12th April 1880.

During the period of 1904 – 1905 the building was considerably extended and enlarged to accommodate 1200 children.  Beautiful architectural drawings of the school at this time are framed and on show around the building. It was known as ‘Salters Hill School’ and this is still reflected in plaster work to the side of the main building. This building is of local historical importance and has been ‘listed’ by English Heritage.

Between 1933 - 1934 the school changed its intake from an all age school for 7 – 14 year olds to a junior school catering for children aged 7 – 11 years of age.  At this time, however, the school was divided into separate Boys’ and Girls’ Schools. The Boys’ School was closed on 31st August 1939 due to the Second World War and reopened on 20th September 1945 with a roll of 240 children.

"Both sites benefit from excellent accommodation for learning and expansion has created much needed, high quality additional school places in the local area for families." March 2013 Ofsted report

The name of the school changed to Kingswood in 1951. The name ‘Kingswood’ originates from the fact that our local area used to be heavily wooded. The southern area was known as South Wood and the northern area as North Wood, resulting in Norwood. During the reign of King Henry VIII the woodland was owned by the King for hunting and the woods became known as “King’s Wood” giving rise to the name Kingswood Primary School.

In September 2011, due to colossal demand for school places and over-subscription as an outstanding school, Kingswood expanded to four classes in each Year Group – with pupils from Nursery through to Year 2 relocating to a newly refurbished site a short distance away on Gipsy Road known as Kingswood Lower Site. Both sites benefit from excellent accommodation for learning and expansion has created much needed, high quality additional school places in the local area for families.

2002 Craig Tunstall became Head of Kingswood

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  • Welcome to Linnet Class - Kingswood Primary

    14 December 2017: Today we made African shakers.  7 December 2017: Today was Christmas Jumper day! 27 November 2017: We worked in pairs to create a map based on the story 'Handa's Surprise.' 21 November 2017: Today we were learning about verbs and adverbs. Verbs are doing words, they end in -ing. Adverbs describe a verb. They end in - ly.​ Today we used our animal masks and listened to Miss Morrow's instructions. The lions were sleeping silently. The zebras were running quickly.  The cheetahs were crawling quietly. 17 November 2017: In Linnet Class we have created African animal masks. In Linnet Class we have been working with a specialist art teacher to create African prints. In Linnet Class we created African sunset pictures.  08 November 2017: Today it was our workshare assembly. We presented to our grown ups all of the learning we have been doing in class. 06 November 2017: Today in Linnet class we found out information about African animals and then worked in groups to create a poster.​   02 November 2017: This week in PE we were role playing being different African animals. We were crawling, pouncing, stomping, reaching, jumping, swimming and roaring. 31 October 2017: Today we were very lucky as we had an African story telling afternoon! We learnt about the African story 'Anansi and the Bananas.' We got to be characters in the story, such as elephants, tigers and monkeys. We also had a go at playing djembe​ drums. We had a wonderful time! 30 October 2017: Today Linnet class went on an adventure to Africa!  20 October 2017:  In Linnet class we have been doing research on different jobs. We found out about teachers, police officers, fire fighters, and farmers. Yesterday, the school nurse came to visit the year 1 children. She told us all about how we can keep our bodies healthy. We asked her questions such as: Hani: How do you keep healthy? Renad: How do you keep fit? Corey: How do you get to sleep at night? September 2017: Linnet class have made a productive start to the year and have taken no time in settling down into life in Year 1. In Maths, we have learnt about the value of number, including 1 more and 1 less as well as greater than and less than. In our first topic, ‘Me, Myself and I,’ we have been talking about our families and thinking about how we are the same and how we are different. We also painted self-portraits. Come and see our work on display in the classroom! We can’t wait to share our learning with you at our first workshare assembly on Wednesday 8th November at 10.30am.​

    Welcome to Linnet Class - Kingswood Primary
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