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Kingswood plays a huge role in our lives and we, as parents, carers and members of the local community, have a big stake in its success.

The Friends of Kingswood aim to make the Kingswood community as caring, supporting and fun as possible. Whatever ideas, time, skills and resources you have to offer, please contribute them.

You can join the Friends of Kingswood as a general member, to receive emails on what's happening in the school community and pitch in with cakes or help if/when you can. Or as an active member, to get more involved in the school and in the running of the PTA.

"The partnership with parents is strong. Staff work closely with them to celebrate their children's achievements." March 2013 Ofsted Report

Email or catch us in the playground, after Friday reading, or at an event.

About Us

  • Chair: Rubina Ahmed
  • Treasurer: Rajaa Flasseur
  • Secretary:  Angela Jolly

What We Do

The Friends of Kingswood are there to fundraise (the new adventure play equipment in the playground at the Upper site was possible with funding from the Friends group). But just as important, we want to build an inclusive school community. We run social events for the grown ups only, such as Bingo, Quiz nights and Zumba, and for the children events such as the Easter Bonnet parades (infants) and model competition (juniors), as well as the Year Six Leavers Disco. A huge event, and always of lot of fun for the whole family is our Summer Fair.


There had not been a parent/carer group at Kingswood for a while, and unaware of any other previous PTA, a group of parents decided to remedy the situation. The current Friends of Kingswood group was founded in 2009 with the help of parent Shamit Gaiger, and with Martin Strand as the first chair. That year the group ran our first Summer Fair, and we have built on this with events on each following year.



  • 2012-2015: Sarah Williams
  • 2010-2012: Lynley Oram
  • 2009-2010: Martin Strand


  • 2012-2013: Maria Martensz
  • 2010-2012: Rachel D'Cruze


  • 2014-2015: Stephen Eddleston-Macgrath
  • 2013-2014: Grace O'Driscoll
  • 2012-2013: Sabrina Campbell
  • 2009-2012: Krisztina Ferencz


  • 2012-2014: Annis Cohen
  • 2011-2012: Sarah Cole
  • 2009-2011: Suze Jones
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  • Welcome to Linnet Class - Kingswood Primary

    14 December 2017: Today we made African shakers.  7 December 2017: Today was Christmas Jumper day! 27 November 2017: We worked in pairs to create a map based on the story 'Handa's Surprise.' 21 November 2017: Today we were learning about verbs and adverbs. Verbs are doing words, they end in -ing. Adverbs describe a verb. They end in - ly.​ Today we used our animal masks and listened to Miss Morrow's instructions. The lions were sleeping silently. The zebras were running quickly.  The cheetahs were crawling quietly. 17 November 2017: In Linnet Class we have created African animal masks. In Linnet Class we have been working with a specialist art teacher to create African prints. In Linnet Class we created African sunset pictures.  08 November 2017: Today it was our workshare assembly. We presented to our grown ups all of the learning we have been doing in class. 06 November 2017: Today in Linnet class we found out information about African animals and then worked in groups to create a poster.​   02 November 2017: This week in PE we were role playing being different African animals. We were crawling, pouncing, stomping, reaching, jumping, swimming and roaring. 31 October 2017: Today we were very lucky as we had an African story telling afternoon! We learnt about the African story 'Anansi and the Bananas.' We got to be characters in the story, such as elephants, tigers and monkeys. We also had a go at playing djembe​ drums. We had a wonderful time! 30 October 2017: Today Linnet class went on an adventure to Africa!  20 October 2017:  In Linnet class we have been doing research on different jobs. We found out about teachers, police officers, fire fighters, and farmers. Yesterday, the school nurse came to visit the year 1 children. She told us all about how we can keep our bodies healthy. We asked her questions such as: Hani: How do you keep healthy? Renad: How do you keep fit? Corey: How do you get to sleep at night? September 2017: Linnet class have made a productive start to the year and have taken no time in settling down into life in Year 1. In Maths, we have learnt about the value of number, including 1 more and 1 less as well as greater than and less than. In our first topic, ‘Me, Myself and I,’ we have been talking about our families and thinking about how we are the same and how we are different. We also painted self-portraits. Come and see our work on display in the classroom! We can’t wait to share our learning with you at our first workshare assembly on Wednesday 8th November at 10.30am.​

    Welcome to Linnet Class - Kingswood Primary
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