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The original Crawford Street Schools were built in 1884 as a Higher Grade school for 1,282 pupils. It consisted of 2 buildings, sheds and a school keeper’s house. The schools shared the site with houses in Valmar Road, Morna Road and Crawford Street. Boys and girls had separate entrances.

By 1912 the Annexe building was constructed.  In 1936 Crawford Street was renamed Crawford Road and during 1936 the schools were renamed, one being the infant school and the other for pupils up to the age of 12 or 14 years.

Until 1970 there was a bell tower at the Crawford Road end of the KS2 building. The school keeper rang the bell for 5 minutes from 8:55am to summon children to school.

It had been decided to demolish the old Infant school and in 1970 the adjoining houses were bought and demolished for a new building. This was a purpose built open-plan infants building with Nursery, dining hall and a kitchen to serve the whole site. In the Autumn of 1983 the two schools amalgamated under one Head and the school was renamed as Crawford Primary School.

In 2011 the Crawford Primary joined the Gipsy Hill Federation of Schools and underwent a major internal redecoration and so that it could provide a fantastic learning environment for pupils. Facilities that the Gipsy Hill Federation introduced included the specialist teaching of music, new computing equipment and many learning support rooms. After some excellent SATs results in 2012, the school proudly achieved the accolade of Most Improved School across the whole of Greater London and was shortlisted as TES Primary School of the Year in 2013. In 2015, the school was delighted to receive an award for Outstanding Pupil Progress from the Southwark Education Authority.

Due to increased demand for places and popularity, the school has taken additional classes and is increasing permanently in size to three forms of entry in every Year Group.  It has recently undergone major building work to accommodate this and we are all excited to be part of the continued outstanding journey that Crawford Primary School is making.

Government Initiatives IQ recognises Crawford Primary School as a Top Performing and Improving School. Click here to find out more.

2002 Craig Tunstall became Head of Kingswood

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  • Welcome to Eris Class - Crawford Primary

    This week in Eris class, we've been exploring how gravity works. We have been investigating whether the size or weight alters the speed at which an object falls to the floor. It's been a lot of fun. Eris class have really been enjoying our blast off topic. This week we have been creating the solar system, thinking about the size of the planets in relation to the sun, using clay. We will them paint them later in the week.    

    Welcome to Eris Class - Crawford Primary
  • Welcome to Earth Class - Crawford Primary

    In Earth class we have been learning about space. As part of this topic, we looked at rockets. We then drew our own using different art techniques with chalk and pastels. 

    Welcome to Earth Class - Crawford Primary
  • Welcome to Rocket Class - Crawford Primary

    We made binoculars and survival kits to go on our own bear hunt after we explored the book 'We're going on a bear hunt" by Michael Rosen. We swish swashed through the grass and tip toed through the cave!

    Welcome to Rocket Class - Crawford Primary
  • Welcome to Comet Class - Crawford Primary

    We have been doing lots of work on getting to know our friends and finding out what is special about each and every one of us. We found out that some of us like the same toys and games, and that we enjoy the same subjects in school, like Writing, Science and Art. We also talked about our similarities and differences and made class portraits.  

    Welcome to Comet Class - Crawford Primary
  • Welcome to Galaxy Class - Crawford Primary

    Post WW2, Britain encouraged immigration from common wealth countries. To a large extent, this was to help rebuild the country.  Galaxy Class used 'Comic Life' to create persuasive posters to encourage the Caribbeans to board the HMS Windrush.  For Black History Month, we are focusing on Poetry. We decided to use figurative language to write effective poems regarding the journey on the HMS Windrush. 

    Welcome to Galaxy Class - Crawford Primary
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