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“A healthy body is a healthy mind”

At Gipsy Hill Federation we aim to provide children with a holistic education that not only promotes their academic achievement, but also their physical, social and emotional well-being.

Aims for the Keeping Healthy Curriculum

Physical Education

The national curriculum for physical education aims to ensure that all pupils:

  • Develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities
  • Are physically active for sustained periods of time
  • Engage in competitive sports and activities
  • Lead healthy, active lives.


  •  To develop confidence and responsibility and enable pupils to make the most of their abilities
  •  To prepare pupils to play an active and positive part as citizens
  •  To develop a healthy and safe lifestyle
  •  To develop good relationships and respect the differences between people.

Physical Education

As a subject, PE goes beyond the realms of just keeping fit by being an integral part of a child’s development. At Gipsy Hill Federation we believe that participation in all physical education activities helps children to develop self-esteem and interpersonal skills, thus building on key life skills. We teach a variety of sports with the aim to engage and inspire all interests and abilities. We provide a well-balanced programme of physical education spanning from Gymnastics to Handball.

The Government have recently introduced new funding to support PE in Primary Schools through the ‘Primary PE and Sport Premium’. At Gipsy Hill Federation we have decided to use this funding to bring in specialist support from Moving Matters to help train and develop class teachers so that the delivery of PE is of the highest standard across all sites. Through Moving Matters and other outside agencies we aim to provide opportunities for progression for gifted and talented pupils in the form of competitions, after-school clubs and holiday clubs.  

Gipsy Hill Federation PE and Sport Premium spending

We have always been keen to create links with local secondary schools. Recently, new links with Dulwich College have been initiated and we are looking to develop these further. Every year we have an inter-federation Sports Day, which in recent years has been hosted at Crystal Palace Stadium. We also fully embrace Keeping Healthy Week each year and provide both in school and out-of-school activities for all year groups. During Year 4 and Year 5 all pupils receive a total of 1 year of weekly 30 minute swimming lessons at a local leisure centre delivered by fully qualified coaches.


The Circle Time model is used by class teachers on a needs-led basis to support the emotional and social development of their class. Circle Time promotes social skills and positive relationships and encourages positive and respectful behaviour between peers. The sessions have a clear structure including warm-up and warm-down games focused on emotional well-being and social skills, as well as opportunities for all children to speak if they would like to. Although there is this clear structure, teachers can adapt the themes discussed in Circle Time to meet the needs of their classes or to respond to events or situations that have occurred. There are a number of resources available to support teachers with the delivery of positive Circle Time as well as opportunities for training, team teaching and modelled sessions.

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  • Year 4 PGL Residential 2017

    Day 1 Four seasons in one day We started bright and early ready for our adventure to PGL. Parents waved us off gleefully as we bordered the coach (possible looking forward to some child-free time). The coach journey was pleasant and the children enjoyed moving through the familiar landmarks of London and out beyond to the less familiar countryside. Once we arrive we quickly saw our family of federation schools waiting for us. We soon realised that we were in for a wonderful time with our friends. After a hearty lunch, we split into our mixed federation groups. Children and adults dispersed across the site to begin the many exciting activities. We climbed, jumped, swung and abseiled like we were fearless. We cheerer on our friends and supported those who needed our support. Unfortunately the weather did not match our enthusiasm and spirit as we experienced sun, rain, hail and then back to sun again..truly four season in one day! Nevertheless and not to be defeated we continued on and showed our true determination to do what we had set out to do.... learn, have fun and make new friends. Day 2 Facing our fears! After a full breakfast we were ready to face our fears and challenge ourselves to achieve all that we can. We had a range of exciting outdoor activities to try and we were keen to get started. At the crate challenge we learned how to belay correctly. Our instructor Katie taught us a rhyme to help as remember to belay correctly. We learned that it is very important to 'lock off' so that we can help our friends to climb safely. Stacking and climbing the crates was quite tricky and we had to balance carefully. When we could climb no more, we got to swing off and kick the mountain of crates over. We thought this would be scary but as soon as we jumped it was exhilarating and felt like we were flying. Another activity we really enjoyed was 'The Giant Swing'. This is a highlight for many children and we had been told all about it from the children who went to PGL last year. The swing is quite daunting to look at. It is like a giant trapeze suspended high in the sky. You have to have a harness and be safely strapped into it before you can have a turn. Your friends have to use their muscles to pull the rope which winches you as high into the sky as you dear to go. Then you count down 3-2-1....ahhhhh! It's definitely an experience we will cherish from our primary school days.

    Year 4 PGL Residential 2017
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