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Oogo Primary Partnership

'Birds Fly To Africa' and British Council 'Connecting Classrooms' Video


Next steps following ‘Birds Fly to Africa’ - Cultural Exchange of artwork and gift of global friendship.

We have received endless encouragement and support for our remarkable and powerful project 2015, involving thousands with incredible stories along the way. With these established links we can continue our meaningful partnership and further understanding of global themes, skills and outlooks which are:

Global citizenship themes: Identity and belonging, fairness and equity, sustainable living, conflict and peace. Global citizenship skills: Self-awareness, creative thinking, empathy, conflict resolution, critical thinking, collaborating, communicating and taking action. Global citizenship outlooks: Positive sense of identity, sense of interdependence, commitment to sustainability, commitment to justice, rights and peace, desire to make a difference.

When in Kenya I trained 2 local fathers (voluntary community ambassadors) Peter Omondi Odhiambo and Carilus Ayieho Angira (husband of Mary – visit Oct ’15). They received certificates from Art4Space to show completion and success of training which included installation, mosaic techniques and design. As an outcome Peter and his wife Dorothy have set up their own enterprise reaching out to schools and communities through mosaic. The idea is to give Peter further training and professional development in London so that he can widen his impact in Kenya.

This proposal concentrates on 2 themes: Transition and Enterprise, which links some of the global citizenship themes (e.g Identity and belonging, creative thinking, conflict resolution, collaboration, communicating and taking action) Together we can do it. This project is aimed for summer 2017 - Bring Peter to London, 

Kenyan Partnership with Oogo School and Gipsy Hill Federation - Impact Report

Julie Norburn asked Patron Census Osedo to report about the impact that our 3 year sustained partnership has had for the children, parents, teachers and BOM at Oogo.

The partnership has enabled Oogo to now attract high calibre professionals to its Board of Managers. Our board has the following core management functions: financial, procurement, disciplinary, audit sourcing, welfare issues, plant management and protection. It looks forward to benchmarking with Gipsy Hill Federation.

1) Uniforms
Nearly all pry pupils in rural Kenya have one uniform worn from Monday to Friday. This is now different at Oogo. They have a large number from GHF worn with pride on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The usual Oogo one is only worn on Mondays and Fridays, says Dorothy, Peter's wife and a parent at Oogo. This was confirmed by head teacher Mr Okuna.

2) Educational Resources
The educational resources that we still use regularly are: scrapbooks, flash cards, number charts, month charts, story books, sports equipment and parachute. pens, pencils and rubbers from the last GHF donation have been used.

3) Scrapbooks 
We have a "Tusome" (reading) programme every Friday for years 6 and 7. During this time the pupils draw or stick the pictures of the objects they have read about in the GHF scrapbooks says Esther, teacher of year 6 and 7.

4) Birds Fly to Africa 
No any other schools in Kenya has them except Oogo and Omuga. They have made the children happy and proud of their school. They boast about them to other children from different schools. Children like representation, enactment, drawing and pictures, so the mosaics are extremely appealing to them and they are yearning for more participation mosaic projects. Parents and visitors who see them feel they would be great decorations on their walls - some have asked Peter about this possibility. The birds have earned the school beauty, status and respect that has improved working relations. The wise say that how something is wrapped matters or that impression matters.

5) Peter’s Enterprise

Peter says that because of the amazing and inspiring mosaic project with Julie, he has developed interest in related works such as laying tiles and woodwork. This rekindled energy has seen him work for a neighbouring secondary school, Tom Obu's house, Census's house and a trophy for the principal Rae Girls Secondary School. From these works he earns money. His involvement in mosaic has also awakened other people's interest, for example he now training interested people like Paul Ouko and Harrison Oduol.

6) Board of Managers

The BOM were stuck with embarrassing challenges such lack of classrooms, teaching and learning resources and unfinished buildings. GHF has solved many of these weighty issues to the relief of the BOM whom as a result have become very re-energized.

7) Music project
Africans like music and dance. First, the children and teachers were surprised that it is also a valued component of the curriculum in the UK. They received a heightened view that music can heal and unite. Pupils like Caroline Aoko, Ivone Nambia, Elvis Otieno and Alphonse Otieno , who enjoy music got rejuvenated, encouraged and inspired by Ian Grundy and Rebecca Katsaris music project. Pupils now have strengthened confidence to sing during assemblies and occasions. Sadly, the project has now lost vibrancy because of the promotion and transfer of Mr Tom Obu who was in charge. This gap will be filled when we open next term.

8) Sports Equipment and Parachute
The head teacher states that balls are used every games session and PE time. Games uniform are worn only during sports competitions with other schools. Oogo shines during such events because many schools lack sports uniform. Availability of all the above has enhanced the esteem of our teams thereby accelerating performance in this area. Teachers have said that the parachute creates a lot of excitement and pleasure for the pupils. They wish for more because children scramble a lot for the only one which is available making control difficult.

  9) Other:
-Abundance of GHF uniform has built self-esteem and confidence in the pupils, parents and teachers with a positive impact on performance from both. "A naked child in a school is an embarrassed and dehumanised being, this is touching” says Census.

-New students have come because of the link.

-Teachers from other schools admire and transferring to Oogo.

-Educational officials these days have a lot of respect for Oogo

Julie Norburn then asked if Oogo would consider a model like GHF where they could join a consortia or federation, share good practice and resources. This was Census response:

I know exactly what you mean Julie. By requirement this is where we should be heading, spreading out so that it benefits many – A Federation! I have talked to Mr Okuna and he is more than willing. I have also talked to Tobias, the head of Omuga who is also very eager. Judy, the former head of Oogo has been waiting for such an opportunity for a long time. She knows the benefits. My school has ever been asking me about you since that visit and this would be good for us there. Also another school of a friend near my home -they have been asking. GHF certainly inspires us all.  Yourself and Peter can help with mosaic, art projects and installation. I will be Patron to them all and I will ensure that things work out with this cluster of schools. Together we will form a federation.  Now you have given the idea and permission; the parachute will be at my school then passed to others when we open for the new term. We will be discussing things with the heads this holiday to be ready for the new term. Respect and love are the things.

Julie Norburn requested a list of needs and priorities for the school in the next 3-5 years (in order of priority):

1) Another exchange project with Peter and Art4Space- enterprise and art.  

2) Finishing the new classroom at a cost of approx £1654.98 so that it is made very suitable for learning and mosaic installation as had been planned before.

3) Learning resources: story books, pens, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, flash cards, charts etc. 

4) Games equipment: 2 netballs, 2 footballs and 2 volleyballs. Plus 2 parachutes 

5)  Continued support with uniform for the whole school.

6) Pit latrines + urinal




Your visit was a blessing to Oogo and our family. The mosaic birds are totally unique and I never thought they could be that beautiful and give a place a new look. I must just appreciate your hard work 'Birds fly to Africa’ and I pray that the link between us continues and succeeds however long it takes. (Jennifer – Host)

I am very happy to hear that you felt at home in our community and that our friendship and joint programmes are bound to continue. We have also learnt a lot from your spirit of total determination, commitment, sacrifice, bravery and love. We pray that all should go well so that you find funds for the completion of the classroom launch and of more mosaic projects and your next visit which we eagerly await. We also pray that you also continue with the spirit and get time to pursue the linking of our two schools. The children ask about you most days. As for Peter, his boosted esteem and happiness cannot be described. The mosaic project has displayed his hitherto hidden talent. (Census – Patron)

The joy in me can break my heart, I'll never forget GHF great visit, in fact it is hard to forget! Since I was born I've never heard friends like you because you brought special things for our community. You demonstrated the virtue of "Love". Expect good gifts from me when Mary comes over there in October. I'm carrying on my many mosaic projects because Julie really and truly inspired me. My life has changed and I am now bringing all these good things to everybody else.

(Peter – Artist)

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